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SJC Info (Discontinued)

SJC Simple 49-way Joystick Controller
The SJC board This article contains historical information about the original SJC board which has been discontinued. This product has been replaced by AKI 3.0.

The SJC Simple 49-way Joystick Controller is a USB input device which supports the use of 49-way joysticks on a PC. SJC supports Windows 98SE and up, Mac OS X, Linux 2.4+, and should support any other operating system with USB HID (Human Interface Device) support.

Support for 1 49-way joystick.
Support for up to 10 buttons.
Supports both Happ/Midway 49-way sticks, and original Sinistar type sticks via autodetection.
10 foot USB cable included!
Available in 9 different hard-coded USB IDs to keep multiple boards from swapping order on boot-up.

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Posted on May 30, 2008, 9:45 pm by David Biedenbach

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